eTranslator, Translation commander
AbouteTranslator, Translation commander
eTranslator is an online tool designed to ease the workflow between Serious Business and our translators.
Since the 1st of January, 2015, Serious Business uses eTranslator as the exclusive means of outsourcing its translation projects.
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For more information on our translation management system, please consult eTranslator presentation.
Translation management
eTranslator makes translation management very easy. Our active translators:
  • Are instantly notified on potential projects via SMS or e-mail
  • Preview the files to be translated or their different variants (source, DTP, translation, revision or final versions)
  • Have access to complete references in the selected project
  • Manage their current and future availability schedule
  • Can accept and download our Order Forms stating the deadline and total price of the task
  • Easily Upload their translated files to our server
Using eTranslator you are able to update your translator profile and preview the contract between Serious Business and your legal entity.
You can check the payment status of your invoices and also download/register our Order Forms.
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We are looking for professionals with extensive experience, specialized on a handful of translation fields and who are eager to endeavor a long-term cooperation, on a project-based system.
Important: Please note that all our suppliers are legal persons, properly enrolled with their country's fiscal agencies.
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